[PC] Fate Anthology (2005-2009)

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Fate Anthology (2005-2009/PC/RePack)
Year: 2005 - 2009 l Platform: PC l Language: English & Russian l Developer: WildTangent Game Studios l Publisher:Encore Software, Inc l 605 MB
Genre: RPG (Rogue / Action) / 3D / 3rd Person

Discover the farthest corner of the globe, where the Old Wood meets the Dungeon Gate in the wonderful town of Forest Grove. During these mystical Gateway, you will find the unique weapons and magic. You immediately with the demons, awaits you in the dark corridors of the maze. Open the Gate, and behind them you will be able to gain wealth and fame. Live up to the next century, or look death in the eye – and perhaps you will find rest in the afterlife. It’s time to take the challenge. Try your price! Stepped forward and decide their destiny!

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An interesting action-RPG with a generation the world and objects. You’ll be doing the job of the villagers, winning the crowd of monsters in the endless dungeons. The game is fishing. Also, you will help a cat or a dog who had eaten fish turn into different monsters.

Description FATE Undiscovered Kingdom:
The second part dyablopodobnoy ActionRPG Fate. After deserved delight in the first part of something happened, which leads us to the events of the second. Your valor has won freedom for people groves, and terrifying monsters retreated into the shadows. During a celebratory feast a stranger, herald a new evil, ready once again to attack the peaceful settlement. He talked about the ancient mysteries concealed in the temple, and gates to the mysterious Undiscovered Kingdom. Typhon, outpost built around cold, snowy dungeons, and Druantsiya, the land of lush forests and endless beauty.

Description FATE The soul of a traitor:
Your attention perdostavlyaetsya third who likes casual action-RPG in the tradition of Diablo. As usual, the new part is thicker and more interesting. Now you have access to a few races and several kinds of pets. You always wanted to go through fire and sword on deep underground and make out all that is valuable? Then Faith – a good choice for entertainment. The interface will not be a surprise to those who have played Diablo or the first two parts. Next, in search of adventure and battles, which will leave precious booty!

System Requirements:
- Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP/Vista/7
- Processor: Intel Pentium IV 2.4 GHz
- Memory: 512 MB
- Video card: GeForce FX, ATI 9600 or higher, DirectX 9.0 compatible
- Sound Card: Sound device compatible with DirectX 9.0
- Free hard drive space: 532 MB

Features RePack:
- Its avtorana and installers
- To install the games require 176 MB of RAM
- Nothing was recoded into a smaller bitrate
- Cut out unnecessary languages
- Time settings from 1 to 3 minutes
- All games fit on a single disc CD (700 MB)
- Run through a shortcut on the desktop and Start menu
- Preservation of the various sites – not compatible!
- In FATE – The soul of a traitor added the possibility to get to the forest village of FATE (almost 1 FATE)

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Fate (often accounting FATE) is a 2005 single-player activity role-playing bold originally arise for the PC by WildTangent. It was runner-up for Role-Playing Bold of 2005 in PC Gamer magazine. A Mac OS X anchorage of the bold was arise at MacGameStore.com on September 19, 2008, but it is aswell accessible as a concrete artefact on a amalgam disc. A balloon audience is available. A aftereffect alleged Fate: Undiscovered Realms was arise in 2008, and a additional sequel, Fate: The Traitor Soul, was arise in October 2009. Fate is rated E10+ (rated for anybody 10 and up) for balmy violence. A fourth bold in the Fate series, subtitled The Cursed King, was arise on March 30, 2011.

Fate is a fantasy activity role-playing bold carefully modeled afterwards Diablo II. This blazon of bold is aswell accepted as a alcove crawler, in which the amateur takes his/her appearance through progressively difficult levels of a dungeon, angry monsters, commutual quests, accession admired items and gold, and convalescent the character's attributes and abilities forth the way. The alcove in Fate has a randomized blueprint for anniversary level; treasures begin aural anniversary akin are randomized, as are the amount and blazon of monsters. Fate is rendered absolutely in 3D, acceptance the amateur to zoom in and out of the activity as necessary; however, the camera cannot be rotated.

Pets and fishing

The amateur is accompanied by a pet, which can initially be alleged as a dog or cat. This pet fights on account of the player, can backpack items, and can be beatific aback to boondocks in adjustment to advertise exceptionable allegation (though it cannot aggregate rewards for aback quests). If the pet's Bloom Credibility are apprenticed down to aught (due to assault or damaging spells from enemies) it does not die, but alone flees the fight. Hence, the game's accession describes the pet as bulletproof aback it cannot be killed. It will still chase the character, but it will not action until it regains some health. To absolutely alleviate their pet, the amateur can forward it aback to town, augment it healing potions or charms, or accomplish it alcohol from a bloom fountain. The amateur can aswell transform the pet into assorted (and added powerful) creatures by agriculture it fish, which can be bent in fishing holes begin throughout the bold or purchased from vendors. The time of the transformation depends on the 'size' of the fish, but a absolute angle makes the transformation abiding until the pet is fed accession fish.

It is aswell accessible to get attenuate items from fish. A accommodating amateur who takes time to angle can accomplish their appearance actual affluent and access best gear. The Player's Manual says, "Finding or purchasing a fishing pole is one of the best investments you can accomplish in the game." There is a fishing aperture in the town; by affairs angle that the amateur catches, the amateur can get money for purchasing bigger accessory afore braving the dungeon. The added the appearance is in the dungeon, the bigger items and added able pet transformations they can acquisition while angling.

When the appearance assets abundant acquaintance points, he/she is answer to the next appearance akin and accustomed 5 Attribute credibility as able-bodied as two Skill points. Increasing the four attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Vitality and Magic) acquiesce the appearance to administer stronger weapons, armor and bewitched spells, while Abilities denote accomplishment at assertive things (Sword Skill, Charm Magic Skill, Critical Strike Skill, etc.—there are a absolute of 15 altered Skills). There are no set appearance classes in Fate, acceptance best customization. Additionally, the amateur is adored with Fame credibility for commutual side-quests and acquisition adversary bosses, which accord to the accepting of Fame levels. Four Skill Credibility are awarded for accepting a Fame level. Elite and Legendary accessories cannot be acclimated unless the amateur is of a assertive Fame level. Assertive items (i.e., weapons, armor, and jewelry) accommodate sockets, into which the amateur can put appropriate gems in adjustment to adapt the item. Having sockets does not actualize college requirements for application an item, although they accomplish the account added valuable. Finally, a citizen of Grove, accurately a minstrel, can be paid to access the character's Fame, "allowing adeptness players to buy Skill points."

Several townspeople of Grove action randomized side-quests to the player. These are sometimes alleged aback quests (retrieving a admired account from the dungeon), admitting they generally crave the amateur to annihilate off all enemies of a assertive blazon on a assertive akin of the alcove or celerity an adversary boss. Upon achievement of a side-quest, the amateur can acknowledgment to the townsperson who gave it to them, and accept a accolade of Fame Points, Acquaintance Credibility and gold.

Sometimes a admired account is aswell accustomed as allotment of the accolade for commutual a side-quest. In the case of a aback quest, players can consistently adjudge if they wish to accumulate the account they were beatific to retrieve or if the abeyant rewards for axis it in to the quest-giver are added important. To accumulate an account from a aback quest, the amateur accept to abolish the adventure in the adventure book.

Other non-player townspeople cover vendors, who advertise arms, armor, potions, etc.

In accession to the assorted vendors and quest-givers in the town, there is aswell a Healer, who will accompany the character's and his/her pet's Bloom Credibility up to abounding accommodation chargeless of charge, and an Enchanter who, for a fee, will try (sometimes unsuccessfully) to add an attraction or a atrium to an account of the player's choosing. However, already in a while, he will accidentally annul all of the item's enchantments or even put a anathema on the item, abbreviation its usefulness.

Sometimes a bell-ringer will arise in the dungeon. Vendors accept aloof cachet in the game, so enemies will not advance them. The player's appearance cannot be attacked by enemies while affianced in affairs or affairs with a vendor. Vendors who arise in the alcove are Pikko the Fisherman and Getts the Traveler.

Pikko the Fisherman sells a ample arrangement of fish, which can be acclimated to transform the player's pet into a array of altered creatures. The added down you are in the dungeon, the bigger the angle Pikko will sell. Also, Pikko consistently has a fishing pole in stock.

Getts the Traveler, who can aswell be apparent in the Boondocks of Grove, retails assorted arms, armor, spells, gems, and added things. He has been cited as the best all-around bell-ringer in the bold by many.

If at any point in the bold the appearance dies (Health Credibility apprenticed down to zero) the afterlife is not permanent. The clothing of Fate appears, who resembles the Grim Reaper. Fate offers the amateur three choices: first, the appearance can be brought aback to activity at the atom area s/he fell, in barter for a allocation of their Acquaintance Credibility and Fame Points. Second, they can be brought aback to activity and transported to a adjacent akin (one or two levels up or down) in barter for a allocation of the character's gold. This new abode may be safer or added alarming than the one area the appearance died. Third, the appearance can be brought aback to activity and transported three levels up in barter for all the gold in their possession. This new area is usually safer than area the afterlife occurred. (If the appearance died on akin 1, 2, or 3 of the alcove they will be taken aback to town.) If the amateur chooses this third advantage and can accomplish it aback to the exact atom area his/her appearance fell afore the alcove akin regenerates, his/her gold will be cat-and-mouse in a accumulation for them to aces up. (If the appearance stays out of a ahead visited alcove akin for 20 account on the bold clock, the akin will be automatically active with all new monsters and treasure, although the alcove blueprint stays the same. Therefore, if the appearance died on that akin and doesn't accomplish it aback aural 20 minutes, any gold they larboard there if they died will be gone for good. The 20-minute aphorism does not administer if the appearance has a aperture to that level, aback one end of the aperture is consistently application the level. However, if the appearance has died and been transported three levels up, there will be no portal.) If none of these three options is to the player's liking, they may accept Quit and the appearance is finer transported aback in time to the endure break the bold loaded. However, the afterlife is still recorded in the character's journal.