[ANIME] Asatte no Houkou - Complete (Mediafire)

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Title: Asatte no Houkou
Alternative Title: A Direction of the Day After Tomorrow
Category: TV Series
Genre: Drama, Fantasy, School Life, Slice of Life
Year: 2006
Chapters: 12
Fansub: Lunar, ureshii
Language: Japanese with English Subs
Desc:Very soon Gohyakugawa Karada will become a junior high student, and both of her parents have since passed away. She and her older brother, Hiro, live together. Although their days pass quietly, she gets the feeling that as her only blood relative, Hiro-oniisan has all the responsibility and she wants to quickly become an adult.
On the other hand, Hiro's ex-girlfriend, Nogami Shoko cannot forget her feelings about Hiro, and is obsessed with escaping to old memories. When they meet by coincidence one night at a local shrine where they both like to make wishes, their lives are changed forever.

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