[ANIME] Azusa, Otetsudaishimasu! - Complete (Mediafire)

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Main Title Azusa, Otetsudaishimasu! (a1760)
Official Title javerified アズサ, お手伝いします!
Type TV Special, 1 episode
Year 01.08.2004
Categories Action, Androids, Baseball, Comedy, Mecha, SciFi, Shounen, Slapstick, Sports - similar
Resources Allcinema, ANN, Official page (en), AnimeNfo, Anison, MAL[more]
Rating 6.43 (396)(weighted)
Tmp. Rating N/A (4)(weighted)
Review Rating 5.50 (1)

Main cast
Noto Mamiko as Azusa
Tai Yuuki as Harumaki Shunpei
Aoki Makoto as Doujima Arashi
Kishio Daisuke as Hanashima Wataru
Iijima Hajime as Harada
Ogata Ken`ichi as Harumaki Senzou
Take Tora as Ieyasu
Kojima Sachiko as Mizuho Yuuki
Ueda Youji as Nakasato Akira
Shimowada Hiroki as Tanabe

Main staff
Direction: Kamegaki Hajime
Character Design: Hiratsuka Tomoya

* Winner of the 2nd ANIMAX Grand Prize

The year is 2099, and it is a time when robots are allowed on the field to play baseball. Shunpei is a typical teenager with a knack for electronics and a passion for baseball. His baseball team, unfortunately, is in a real slump and they cannot afford to buy a robot to help their situation. Luck is on their side; Shunpei is given the opportunity to buy a robot. Though not the latest model, he purchases a second hand robot named “Azusa." “Azusa” was designed to be a maid-robot that has a secret function enabling her to play baseball. But when her battery is nearly spent, she turns into “Super-Azusa” and a miracle occurs....

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