[ANIME] Fireball Charming - Complete (Mediafire)

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Main Title : Fireball Charming (a8051)

Official Title : ファイアボール チャーミング
Type : TV Series, 13 episodes
Year : 04.04.2011 till 27.06.2011
Categories : Androids, Comedy, Mecha, Sci-Fi
Synopsis :
The show takes place in the distant future of the 49th millennium, and revolves around the happenings inside a giant manor (named 'Tempest Tower') inhabited by two robots; the gynoid duchess Drossel von Flügel and her massive cyclopian servant, Gedächtnis. The episodes are usually nonsensical in nature, normally showing the two characters making idle conversation in the midst of a war with humanity. A third character, a monkey-robot named "Schadenfreude", joins them later.

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